Our Facility


Being environmentally sustainable is important to us at All My Children Daycare. From our furniture, toys, and supplies, to the paint on our walls and our facility layout, to our Energy Star appliances, and most importantly, involving your children in the process through eco-sensitive diapering, organic, locally sourced food, and daily gardening, we incorporate our responsibility to be citizens of this Earth into every aspect of our ideology.

Our beautiful Lower East Side facility is newly renovated, state of the art, and developed with green design. Large, yet private, picture windows allow natural light to flood our open spaces. Toxic-free paints and finishes brighten our spaces, and Energy Star appliances keep our overhead low and our facility dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint. Our furniture is procured from Kohburg, a company that prides itself on environmentally friendly products sourced from green raw materials and designed and produced with environmental compatibility as a priority, evidenced through their reduction of by-product waste and pollution in the development process. Our toys and supplies have been thoroughly researched and we’ve only selected those that bring the best in learning and earth-friendly materials.

We prioritize working with suppliers that use environmentally sustainable practices. We maintain the cleanliness of our facility using green cleaning practices. We continue our eco-sensitive ethos with the incorporation of a recycling campaign into the fabric of our facility operations and our curriculum as children learn about reusing materials for artwork and recycling those that cannot be reused. Our community integration and dedication to an eco-friendly surrounding for our children has inspired the ongoing development of a community outreach program centered on recycling.

All My Children attendees also have the pleasure of learning through play and interaction with nature. In our organic outdoor soil and indoor hydroponic gardens, children empowered with the responsibility of planting, watering, and harvesting, watching their work interact with the sun and air to produce new life. We only serve our children freshly cooked nutritious meals and snacks that are certified organic and kosher, and cooked in our offsite kitchen. They practice real life eating behavior and sustainability as they eat our locally sourced food from reusable, sustainable stainless steel cups, plates, bowls, and serving utensils. For our children who are still in diapers, we encourage and practice eco-friendly diapering.

At All My Children Daycare’s Manhattan facility, we pride ourselves on our well designed classrooms, green ethos, and our clean, child friendly environment. We’ve put a lot of thought into how we created an environment to help your child grow into the best version of him or herself. Please schedule an appointment to come visit our beautiful daycare center, and see for yourself!

“Each child is a world, the world is in our hands, and we can make a world of difference!”