5 Fun Indoor Activities When It’s Cold Outside

Who wants to go outside when it’s freezing? And why should you when you and your kids can have just as much fun playing inside while feeling warm and cozy! These 5 ideas for indoor activities with the kids may make the snowman a little jealous, but you’ll be having so much fun, he’ll understand (and probably wish he could join you!).

Try Indoor Camping You’ve heard of camping in the great outdoors, but the wintertime chill makes it close to impossible. Why not take the fun of camping right into your own living room? You can purchase a kid’s tent online or even create your own by cleverly pinning bed sheets to the tops of chairs and the sofa. Snuggle inside with the whole family and tell stories with a flashlight in the dark. The family pet can even join you. The best part? Make some s’mores!

Bake Something Sweet Ahhhh… the smell of chocolate chip cookies rising in the oven or the mouth-watering aroma of a loaf of banana bread puts any thoughts of the cold weather in the back of your mind. Kids love to participate in baking, and depending on their age, there’s a role for everyone. Even the littlest child can help stir the batter or help with scooping. Baking memories will last a lifetime even if the sweets only last a few minutes! Write down the recipe and make copies for your child to take to their daycare or school. The staff at All My Children encourage sharing and working together. Preparing snacks together is a great way to collaborate.

Make it a Movie Day When it’s too chilly to get the whole family out the door and to the local theater, bring the fun of film to your own living room. Let the kids vote on their favorite flick from a group you’ve approved of and cuddle on the couch with a big family-size bowl of popcorn. Since you’ll be stuck inside all day, you can probably get to watching a few movies. The kids won’t even miss getting outdoors as they enter into fantasy land on the TV screen.

Hold a Mini Fashion Show Kids love dressing up, so why not make it even more fun? You can be the MC of a kids’ fashion show right in your own home. Let the kids pull out all their favorite looks, including costumes, and even a few of your scarves and hats. They’ll feel like stars as they “walk the catwalk” right down the hallway of your home. Play some fun music and let the kids strut their stuff.

Create Crafts Kids love to use their imagination and what better way to show off their talents than by creating some unique crafts. As they are cozied up indoors, looking out the frosty windows can provide inspiration. It’s fun to draw snowmen, snow angels, and snow-covered trees. If you have some glitter, let the kids add some winter sparkle to their creations. Surprise grandma and grandpa by sending them the kids’ works of art as a special gift they’ll always treasure. Day Care Centers and schools like All My Children cultivate curiosity and creativity. Have your child bring in her creation to share during show and tell. With these fun ideas, kids will want the winter to last forever. Luckily it won’t, but while it lasts, it’s important to make the most of it.

What do you do with the kids when you’re stuck inside? Share with us!

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Author: Melissa A. Kay