Car Seat Myths Busted

Parents often debate when it’s safe, or necessary, to turn their little one’s front facing in their car seat, or when they officially outgrow their infant seat. There are common concerns that cause parents to turn their child around before it’s fully safe to do so. The article below addresses 7 most common concerns, which they call myths (because some are, though believable!). These myths are:

Myth #1: My child is too big!

Myth #2: My child’s legs are too long!

Myth #3: My child is SO uncomfortable!

Myth #4: My car is too small!

Myth #5: My toddler hates rear facing!

Myth #6: My child gets carsick!

Myth #7: Extended rear facing seats are so expensive!

Myth #8: My pediatrician said it’s fine.



To get the answers to these questions, and find out why they’re fiction not fact, view original post.