All My Children Daycare and Nursery School opened its lower Manhattan location on Ridge Street in October in response to a high demand for its services. The day care and nursery center aims to provide young children a safe home-away-from-home that prepares them for school and life readiness in an eco-conscious environment.

All My Children Daycare and Nursery School offers programs for children ages 5 and younger, including infant and toddler care programs, preschool, and Universal Pre-K. These programs are an adaptive system, meaning it changes with the child’s developmental needs as he or she grows older.

To start children ages 6 months to 2 years on the path to learning, the infant and toddler programs introduce routines to teach focusing practices and prepare children for higher learning. This program’s activities include dabbling in art and exploring sand and water.

In the preschool and Universal Pre-K, 2- to 5-year-olds are provided with six different learning centers, which allow them to explore and be creative while learning. These centers include the Art, Library, Dramatic Play, Sand and Water, Blocks, and Discovery, which is stocked with tools such as magnifying glasses, balance scales, and other tools that allow children to explore the outside world.

All My Children Daycare and Nursery School is an eco-friendly environment. All classrooms are furnished with eco-friendly furniture, an interactive gardening system incorporated into program curriculum, and a wall gardening system to set the stage for the day care’s learning environment. Each classroom is equipped with green materials including organic, locally-sourced foods, toxic-free paints, and eco-friendly diapering. Gardens are used to teach planting and important facts about the ecosystem.

For this year only, enrollment is open through June.


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