Road Trip Car Games

A long trip in the car can make kids a bit stir-crazy. As fun as going on a trip will be, getting there can be part of the entertainment too. Try these 5 car games you can play with the kids that will keep them busy without the use of iPads and video games. They may even bring you back to your childhood!

20 Questions

This game is super-easy and can keep the kids entertained for a long time, especially if you take turns. One kid will think of a person, place or thing and the others must ask questions which require a “yes” or “no” answer in order to figure out what the other kid is thinking of. The goal is to guess by the time you reach 20 questions about the person, place or thing. Parents can join in too. It’ll be interesting to hear what the kids come up with and how they use their thinking skills.

License Plate Game

Keep the kids occupied as they spend time looking out the window for cars. It’s better for kids 7 and up who can discern between the license plates. Here’s how it goes: Give each kid a paper with each U.S. state listed out. When they see a license plate on a car from that state they check it off the list. The goal is to check off all 50 states, but at the end of the trip, the kid who found the most states wins! If your kids are younger, you can play the game by asking them to spot car colors rather than license plates.

Picnic Game

This game is tons of fun and is great for helping kids work on their memory skills. Start with the first child and have her start with the letter A. She’ll say, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing apples.” The next kid must remember her item, along with a new item starting with the letter B. So, he’ll say, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing apples and bagels.” The game goes on as such and gets harder as the list grows. See if they can make it all the way to Z!

Scavenger Hunt

Kids love to play scavenger hunt in the backyard, but you can also try it from the car on a long road trip. Make a list of things the kids will be sure to spot out the window while on the road such as schools, gardens, restaurants, parks, and more. The kids will check off the item on the list once they spot something. This is sure to keep the kids busy for as long as you want, based on how long you make the list. Offer a small prize when they complete the hunt, such as a treat at a rest stop or a small toy.


The whole family can have a blast singing all your favorite tunes. You can get a tape of background music, Karaoke-style, or use your iPod to download backing tracks to everyone’s favorite songs. Sing along in the car for hours of self-made entertainment. The kids will feel like they’re the next Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber!

What do you do to keep the kids busy on road trips? Read more information like this on the All My Children site.

By: Melissa A. Kay