Teaching Kids About Good Hygiene

Good hygiene is integral to looking and feeling good as well as an important part of taking care of our health and well-being. Sometimes, kids don’t want to take the necessary steps to keeping clean and consider it a chore, but there are ways to teach your kids that having good hygiene isn’t a nuisance at all. Especially for kids in day care or school settings, keeping germ- and dirt-free is essential. Read on for some tips for your little one’s hygiene.


Clean teeth make for a shining smile when you drop your kid off at day care, but also helps prevent tartar, cavities and gum disease. Lots of kids try to avoid brushing, but you must be diligent. Don’t be afraid to warn them of the pain and illness they can get if they don’t brush every day, at least twice per day. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Buy a kid-friendly toothbrush with their favorite cartoon character on it or in their favorite color. Some newer brushes even light up and play songs to let your kid know how long to brush. There are also tasty kid-approved toothpaste flavors like bubblegum, vanilla, and fruity varieties. Show your kids that you need to brush too, and do it together if that gets the motivation going. An A+ report from the dentist will prove the brushing has paid off!

Clean Clothing

We all want our kids to look dapper and put together when we drop them off at school or their child care center. But kids will be kids and often get dirty, messy, and wrinkled. Teach your kids that it is A-OK to play and have fun, but keeping neat and clean is necessary as well. If your child is a sloppy eater, consider packing a bib or tucking a napkin into the neck of his shirt before eating snacks or lunch at school. After playing outdoors, make sure your child shows you where his clothing got soiled so you can remove the stains before they set in. By keeping kids aware of dirt and germs, they will grow up learning to care for their clothing and other belongings so they don’t get ruined. They will also understand that dirt can breed bacteria and can cause illness. Plus, a tidy look makes any person feel self-confident.

Washing Hands

Kids touch all sorts of things throughout the day, whether it’s from the playground, the other kids in their class, or from everyday surfaces. Keeping kids’ hands clean helps prevent the spread of germs, dirt, and other bacteria that can get them sick. Teach your kids to always wash their hands before eating. We don’t want them to ingest something that can cause illness. After using the bathroom, teach your child to wash carefully and completely. Give them a number to count to or a brief song to sing and to wash their hands for the entire duration. It’s OK to play and touch things, but once they are done, hand washing is key to keeping germ-free and feeling fresh.

How have you taught your kids about maintaining good hygiene? For more info like this, please visit All My Children.

By: Melissa A. Kay



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